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How It Works

Step 1

Company Assessment

When was the last time the employer was interviewed? At UnicusPar, we understand that a great career match is about truly understanding both the candidate and the company.

Step 2

Candidate Assessment

Any candidate can write a great resume so we decided to dig deeper and really understand what it takes to find the best match possible through a unique candidate assessment.

Step 3

We Find The Match!

Truly understanding both sides is what creates a great match for the company and the candidate. Combine our team of experts and cutting edge AI and we’ve got you covered for your next hire!

How It Helps

Save Money

Hiring can be expensive and any turnover just adds to that bill. UnicusPar can help you not just spend less, but actually cut costs by helping you find the perfect candidate the first time.

Save Time

Time is money. UnicusPar utilizes over 20+ years of professional hiring experience + proprietary technology to make sure you not only save money but you save your time!

Hiring For Yourself?

There is a lot that goes into hiring the right person for the job and, as you know, it can put a major strain on all your other responsibilities. UnicusPar can help you through the whole process.

Customized Company Profile & Assessment

Innovative Candidate Assessment

Search Thousands of Qualified Candidates

Company & Candidate Unique Match Technology

Hiring For Others?

The challenge of continually finding qualified candidates for your clients can be a challenge and a major expense. UnicusPar is your new greatest tool that helps you deliver on your promises and makes you look like a hiring rock star.

Increase Your Candidate Pool

Unique Company & Candidate Matching Technology

Hiring Efficiency That Saves You Money

Allows You To Work Smarter, Not Harder


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